Offer Import of goods from around the world

Import- is a modern and comprehensive service offered by Margo Worldwide company which meeting the expectations of its customers has a mission to improve trade between the Polish and European traders and exporters from Asia and South America.

As a direct and an experienced importer, we are able to effectively mediate on your behalf in dealing with exporters from around the world and take on the entire process of production and imports. Our role is to organize and control each stage of import - from the valuation of the production of the ordered goods, by selecting the most relevant manufacturer, checking its credibility and reliability, comprehensive supervision of production and packaging of the goods, by the final finishing of the customs’ formalities, insurance and delivery of the goods at the address indicated in the order.

Many years of commercial contacts with exporters from China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Brazil and other Asian and South American countries have contributed to this that we have become one of the most effective companies of its kind in Europe. works with over three hundred direct producers representing a major export industries in each countries. We enable as well import of the electronics, machinery, toys, plastic products, textiles, clothing and footwear, raw materials and semi-finished products, coffee, groceries, etc. With our help and comprehensive service, our customers can bring any good to avoid problems connected with language and cultural differences, and not engaging in finding the relevant counterparty, the negotiation process and the transportation and customs clearance of purchased goods. 

Cooperation with the Import- results in real cost savings to purchase goods and increase the efficiency and ensures the safety and security cooperation with trustworthy and reliable partner. 
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Did you know:

In China, the aim is to socialize long and fruitful business relationship, because they are treated well in personal terms.